What is a swimmer babe? Guidelines & rules

A swimmer babe is a vibe. In a sentence, they're female swimmers in athletic swimsuits.

It is difficult to moderate something that's a little flexible, so think of these are more like guidelines really. There are a lot of subreddits that cater to similar tastes, so we want to try and steer /r/SwimmerBabes to be a little specific than what you can find elsewhere. Hopefully you're here to enjoy that too.

Here's a list of things that we love, things that we're not thrilled about, and things we do not allow.

Firstly, the things we do not allow:

❌ No one under 18 years' old, should be pretty straight-forward

❌ No porn or nudity

❌ Bad quality, watermarked, or edited photos. Bad quality is subjective: so for the avoidance of some doubt, we mean the image should be clear and crisp

❌ Taken without consent. This includes unprofessional candid photos. Professional photos of a sporting event are consent as a subject is aware that photography is taking place

❌ Photos of models or photos taken in a studio environment that are not of a professional swimmer

Pretty clear so far? The worst of these will get you banned, or at least a slap on the wrist for the others. Great, now onto the things we'd love to see. Just one tick would be great, but more the merrier

✅ Women wearing athletic swimsuits. An athletic swimsuit is a swimming costume designed to be worn for training or racing. This is almost always a one piece swimsuit, but two pieces that share common traits with one pieces and that are clearly worn for sport are allowed

✅ Photos of professional athletes

✅ Photos of athletes in training, such as at college, university or masters level. Any kind of team is suitable

✅ Swimmers are ideal, but equally other aquatic sports are just us good, including but not limited to: water polo, triathlons, and divers

✅ Scene settings should be commonly expected for swimming, such as an indoor or outdoor lane swimming pool, a lake or beach for some sports, or similar

Now things get a little grey, so here are the slightly edge-case points:

❓ While sporty two piece swimsuits are acceptable, they must be within the context of swimming rather than leisure

❓ We'd rather see the whole suit and the person wearing it. Cropped photos of a particular part of a suit are not encouraged

❓ Swimmers sharing their photos from their home or a changing room is acceptable as long as it's clear that they are going to wear the swimsuit in a pool environment mentioned above

If you really love one piece swimsuits, you might also like the following subs. If your content is removed from here, you may want to try one of these instead:

r/OnePieceSuits is any kind of one piece swimsuit. Sports, leisure, beach, sexy, fashion, beach-club

r/leotards is for any lovers of the one piece shape

r/asiansinswimsuits includes many of your classic studio photographed swimsuits and bikinis

r/Competitiveswimsuits is for any swimsuits of brands typically worn in competitions, mostly one pieces

These guidelines are a working document, so we can amend and update as we go. Please don't be upset if a post is deleted, just get in touch to ask why and we can chat it through.

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