So, since we’re getting some (negative) exposure, I felt it necessary to post my responses to a VICE interview, as they are likely to be chopped up to fit the article’s narrative

From Hanako Montgomery, from VICE world news.

  1. Why was this subreddit made?

Originally, the subreddit was made as a way to reduce picture posts of athletes from the main Olympic subreddit during the 2012 London games. Every third post seemed to be a user posting Michelle Jenneke's warm-up routine before running hurdles, or athletes who had modeled for Sports Illustrated's “body issue”

It made it very difficult for users to watch Olympic clips or read results on reddit in public without questionable images peppering the screen.

  1. What kind of photos are posted on this subreddit?

The subreddit is mostly reposts from photoshoots, such as the aforementioned sports illustrated body issue, photos from athletes public social media, gifs/photos from the Olympic games. Occasionally people try to post pics from that icloud hack a few years back, but the ohlympics community is very good at reporting any involuntary pornography and content that contains under 18 olympians and those posts get removed. Although there aren't many male athletes posted, the subreddit is an all inclusive place for attractive athletes of all genders and body types.

  1. There are recent reports that female uniforms, as well as how female athletes are portrayed in the media, are too sexualizing. Would you agree with this statement?

Before I answer this question I'd like to pull away from us targeting women as being sexualized. I could jump over to a “news” site such as buzzfeed and find articles labeled “top ten best buldges of the 2021 Olympics” “best abs of the Tokyo Olympic games” or “Literally Just Photos Of Tonga's Hot Flag-Bearer At The Tokyo Olympics Because Let's Not Kid Ourselves Here, Folks” all real articles involving sexualization, some significantly more extreme than I'm sure some people would like to share the front page of the site they get cooking or organizational articles from.

I don't believe we, as the viewer, and the Olympic committee, can and should have a say on what these athletes wear unless it creates an unfair advantage to the athlete or their team. If the athlete is or is not comfortable with their uniforms they should be able to voice that opinion without resistance.

In short, if the athlete feels over sexualized, it is their right to communicate that, and a solution be made. People are allowed to be seen as sexual beings or not, and that's allowed to change as they see fit.

I do think it's very awkward and in bad form for the Olympics to fine a team because they elected to wear shorts instead of bikini briefs when male athletes are wearing the equivalent of a basketball uniform for the same sport.

  1. Do you think the “oh-lympics” subreddit contributes to the objectification of female athletes?

Again, I'm going to refer to my previous comment on singling out female athletes.

No. Many people are naturally attracted to other talented and determined people. Most Olympians have spent their whole life training their bodies and minds to be the best at what they do, and the end result are incredibly fit, both mentally and physically, people. All ohlympics does is create a space for people to share and view these impressive people. Putting content all in one place doesn't change the desire for that content.

  1. If I use your answers for quotes, can you please provide me with your full name, age and occupation? If you can't provide me with your name, can you please explain why you'd choose to remain anonymous? At VICE, we provide names for credibility.

Feel free to cite me as the moderator, 33, and I am a small business owner and investor. I would prefer not to have my real name used, based on the current comments being put on ohlympics by people who have just learned about the group, from recent articles using ohlympics as a lightning rod for a community issue.

What do you think?

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